Data Governance


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Data  Governance  provides  the  ability  for  organizations  to  trust  their  data.  Ordysy’s consultants have experience implementing Data Governance solutions before the term became mainstream.

With our data governance experience, we focus on the following key steps towards a successful Data Governance program:

  1. Target Projects and Maturity Assessment: Identify the target projects for implementing data governance framework. It is advised to take small steps and take piecemeal approach versus going after the whole organization. Our maturity assessment exercise determines the immediate challenges and helps create a pathway for long-term success.
  2. Data Governance Council: We focus on identifying the key people who will serve as project champions. If not already present, create and identify members for a Data governance Council. The data stewards formed should have all the required knowledge on the data pertaining to that business domain. The members should involve key stakeholders with power to approve the new framework. Also, SMEs will be part of the council to advise on missing gaps and providing solution to issues identified, to establish rules and standards for the data collection and distribution.
  3. Educate the Organization: The council will also effectively communicate the whole organization regarding the change in the data consumption policies by enforcing the data governance framework within the organization.
  4. Ongoing Process: This is not a one-time project but an ongoing one, where we constantly monitor data governance framework for gaps and revisit the existing policies to refine it for future.

Ordysy has formulated a unique Data Governance methodology starting from a Maturity assessment of the organization to Implementation strategy.

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